Shop as Client for WooCommerce PRO add-on

Shop as Client for WooCommerce

Insert phone or email orders directly in your WooCommerce shop and assign them to your customers quickly, easily, and without the admin interface hassle.

Quickly create orders on behalf of your customers

  • Use your regular shop to add phone, email, or in-shop orders taking advantage of all the front-end functionalities (like sales, coupons, shipping cost calculations, or checkout custom fields), without having to go through the cumbersome admin interface.
  • Automatically assign orders to existing users, new automatically created users, or just leave them as guest customers.

Easy and secure workflow

  • Search previous customers or orders by email address, name, company, address, or phone number, assign the order by picking an existing record from a results list and all the checkout fields will be automatically filled.
  • Choose the payment method yourself or request the payment via email, right after completing the order, avoiding requesting credit card information from the customer, or allowing him to choose the payment method afterward.
Search customers by name, phone, email, and other fields and fill the checkout fields automatically.
Request payment by email and let the customer securely choose the payment method later.

Tweak it to your preferences

The admin or shop manager that took care of the order is stored within the order details.

Technical support and continued development

What our customers say

Great plugin – Very helpful
We decided to buy the pro version straight away, and it works really well. It helps our agents for hours. Also Guest users are the information quickly took over in the latest update. Support is very very very quick!

David H.,

Absolutely magnificent!
needed a solution for this, and BOOM this little plugin. Really great work guys – so simple to implement. I can’t thank you enough


Best plugin for shop managers
One of the best in kind. Perfect and smooth code.

Anas Iqbal Khan,

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