DPD / SEUR / Geopost Pickup and Lockers network for WooCommerce changelog

1.5 – 2024-04-04

  • FIX Pickup Point URL showing “Technical issue occurred while processing the request”
  • TWEAK Show Pickup Point details on the Shipping address area on emails on WooCommerce 8.6.0 and above
  • DEV Tested with WordPress 6.6-alpha-57920 and WooCommerce 8.8.0-rc.1

1.4 – 2024-04-01

  • TWEAK Better organization of zones and shipping methods on the settings screen
  • TWEAK Minor HTML/CSS improvements on the frontend
  • FIX Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property in PHP 8.3
  • DEV Apply WordPress Coding Standards
  • DEV Add “Requires Plugins” header to the main plugin file
  • DEV Updater improvements
  • DEV Tested with WordPress 6.5-RC4-57894 and WooCommerce 8.8.0-beta.1

1.3 – 2024-03-02

  • FIX Google Maps link domain to .com instead of .pt
  • TWEAK Add Google Maps link to the pickup point domain and not only the map (which may not be configured)
  • DEV Tested with WordPress 6.5-beta3-57738 and WooCommerce 8.7.0-beta.2

1.2 – 2024-02-22

  • NEW Add 12 new countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden
  • NEW Use city and address in the search, instead of only the postcode (in BETA)

1.1 – 2024-02-19

  • NEW Implement contextual helpers for easier boarding when installing the plugin
  • TWEAK Only try to search for pickup points if the postcode is not empty
  • DEV Improve plugin updater – Show translation update notices
  • DEV Tested with WordPress 6.5-beta1-57654 and WooCommerce 8.6.0

1.0 – 2024-01-29

  • NEW Compatibility with “WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping
  • TWEAK Better feedback when the license is expired
  • DEV Tested with WordPress 6.5-alpha-57372 and WooCommerce 8.5.2

0.7 – 2023-12-11

  • Fix Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce (By JEM Plugins) compatibility when saving the pickup point to the order

0.6 – 2023-12-04

0.5 – 2023-11-22

  • Show the SEUR logo and name instead of DPD if the destinations country is Spain
  • More inclusive language regarding information for people with reduced mobility
  • New option to display, or not, the parking and accessibility for people with reduced mobility information on the checkout
  • Spanish translation
  • Fix a bug where the pickup point schedule would always show on the checkout page, even if set not to
  • Requires WordPress 5.8
  • Tested with WooCommerce 8.3

0.4 – 2023-10-26

  • Further integrations with “DPD Portugal for WooCommerce”
  • Fix compatibility with “WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping” by Bolder Elements
  • Identify Lockers in the checkout
  • Requires WooCommerce 6.7.0
  • Tested with WordPress 6.5-alpha-56974 and WooCommerce 8.2.1

0.3 – 2023-09-22

  • Integration with “DPD Portugal for WooCommerce”: add Spain and Europe pickup services

0.2 – 2023-09-20

  • Demo mode
  • Fix update check on the settings page
  • Only load scripts and styles on the checkout if needed
  • Reuse active shipping methods on the same runtime

0.1 – 2023-09-19

  • Initial beta / non-public release