These are generic FAQs for all of our plugins, if you have a question that is specific to a plugin, you should refer to that plugin FAQ or documentation.

The next plugin has the FAQ hosted in it’s own website:

We are working on improving documentation and FAQs for all of our plugins. If you can’t find the information you need, you should request support in your customer area next to the original order.

Generic FAQs

1) What are the terms and conditions regarding my order?

You can find our privacy policy and terms and conditions here.

3) A plugin is not translated into my language. How can I help translate it?

You can help with a translation at https://translations.ptwooplugins.com/ but first you need to request access creating a support ticket for your plugin and tell us what language do you want to collaborate with.

3) I have pre-sales questions. How can I contact you?

Use this form.


1) How to transfer the license to another domain?

You should ask for the domain change in your customer area, next to the original order details (marked with a ) – If your domain is a development domain like “localhost” or has the “.local”, “.test” or “.dev” TLD, you can deactivate the domain right there and then activate the license on the new website

Then follow the instructions you receive on your email after Webdados releases the license

2) How much time do I have to renew an expired license?

30 days. After that time, the subscription will be cancelled and you need to subscribe again. Any special pricing that you might have will not be available on the new subscription.

3) Can I upgrade my license from 1 to more websites or from a yearly license to a lifetime?

Not at this time. We still don’t have in place a mechanism to toggle between different types of licenses.