Simple WooCommerce Order Approval FAQ


1) How to request technical support?

If the issue you need technical support with is not covered on this page, click the link next to the license key, on the plugin settings, and fill out the ticket with your request.

2) Where do I report security vulnerabilities found in this plugin?

You can report any security bugs found in the source code of this plugin through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

The Patchstack team will assist you with verification, CVE assignment and take care of notifying us.


1) How to transfer the license to another domain?

You should ask for the domain change in your customer area, next to the original order details.

After you get the reply from us stating that the license key is free, you should go to the plugin configurations on the old website, remove the key and save. Then go to the new website configurations, insert the key, and save. If the website was transferred with the key already on the database, you need to remove it, save, and insert it again.


1) How to style the “Pay for this order” link in the approved email?

The link has the swoa-email-payment-button ID and you can add CSS to the WooCommerce emails with the woocommerce_email_styles filter.

2) How to style the checkout or the order received messages?

The message divs have the swoa-checkout-needs-approval and swoa-thank-you-needs-approval IDs, that you target on your custom CSS.


1) Is this plugin compatible with High Performance Order Storage and the Blocks-based Checkout?

Yes, both.

Developer hooks

As stated in our policy, the usage of developer hooks is not covered by technical support, yet we provide some usage examples below.

1) Apply your own order approval rules with the swoa_needs_approval filter

You can use the swoa_needs_approval filter to return true or false based on your own rules.

The filter has 4 parameters:

  • $needs_approvaltrue or false as defined by the plugin rules;
  • $cart_or_orderWC_Cart or WC_Order object depending on whether we’re looking at the cart or at the order after checkout;
  • $applied_rule – the applied rule (‘global’, ‘subtotal’, ‘billing_country’, ‘shipping_country’, ‘billing_state’, ‘shipping_state’, ‘shipping_zone’, ‘product_cat’, ‘product’, or ‘product_on_backorder’) if $needs_approval is true or null if $needs_approval is false;
  • $object_id – the applied rule value or object id (subtotal, country, state, shipping zone, category, or product) if $needs_approval is true or null if $needs_approval is false or the $applied_rule is ‘global’;

Check these examples:

2) Other hooks

  • swoa_product_cat_ids_for_approval – change the product category IDs that need approval, if that’s the applied rule;
  • swoa_needs_approval_checkout_message – change the message shown on the checkout if the cart needs approval;
  • swoa_needs_approval_order_received_message – change the message on the “thank you” page if the order needs approval;
  • swoa_settings_tab_settings – manipulate the plugin settings fields (for extensions)
  • swoa_admin_list_show_column – return false not to show the “needs approval” column and filter on the products and categories list;