Technical support

When buying a plugin from us, you’re also buying limited technical support for the same amount of time the license is valid, via tickets on your customer area.

The support is limited to the plugin advertised features and does not include interoperability with 3rd party plugins or themes nor help with developer hooks or custom developments.

Your plugin will not stop working when the license expires but you’ll lose access to updates, which are essential not only for security reasons but also for interoperability with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. Also, no technical support is available after expiration.

Please read the full terms and conditions before requesting support.

How to get support

Go to the orders list on your account, click on “Licence manage” next to your main order (marked with a ), and then click the “Support” button next to your license and activated domain. If the “Support” button is not there, it means your license has expired.

Do not call us or send us a direct email. Please follow the instructions above. If needed, we’ll call you.