Premium support (1 hour)

90.00 €

A remote session via Anydesk to give you support on anything that’s related to our plugins.

The session has a limit of 1 hour. If you think you need more than 1 hour, you may increase the number of hours bought.

Hours will be deducted hour by hour. Each support session is always considered at least 1 full hour, even if it takes just a few minutes do solve your issue.

⚠️ You're buying limited technical support and automatic updates for this WordPress plugin for a year, with automatic renewals, which you can cancel at any time in your customer area.

⚠️ The technical support, via tickets in your customer area, is limited to the plugin's publicly advertised features and does not include the usage of developer hooks or interoperability with 3rd party plugins or themes. No refunds are issued based on non-advertised features and any eventual refund is only issued at our discretion. For premium support via the phone or remote access, you need to contact us and get a quote.