Shop as Client for WooCommerce PRO add-on FAQ

General features

1) Which roles have access to the “Shop as client” functionality?

Administrators and Shop managers can use “Shop as client” on the checkout.

Add this to your (child) theme functions.php file if you want to allow other user roles to use this functionality.

2) I’m giving discounts user or user role based. Will this work?

No. The logged-in user is the Administrator or Shop Manager. It’s not possible to integrate with the vast amount of user or user role-based discount plugins when the logged-in user is not the customer himself.

This is true for both the free version and the PRO add-on plugins.


1) When using Stripe, the credit card details are saved on the admin account, not the customers. Is it possible to save the cards to the customer account?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to save cards to another user other than the one logged in.

For security reasons, we do not recommend that you request the credit card number from your customer and add it yourself to the order, but instead use our “Request payment by email” payment gateway so that the user can insert the credit card later on his own, clicking on the link he’ll get via email.


1) How to transfer the license to another domain?

You should ask for the domain change in your customer area, next to the original order details.

After you get the reply from us stating that the license key is free, you should go to the plugin configurations on the new website and insert the key again.

If you cloned the website, the license key is on the database, and you need to remove it, or else this new domain will not be activated. Remove these records from the wp_options table on the new install:

  • shop_as_client_pro_license_key
  • shop_as_client_pro_activation_key

Then you should be able to insert the key again and activate it on the new domain.

2) How to replace the license key on the same website?

If you need to replace your license key on the same website, because you let the subscription expire and had to buy again, or you were using a temporary key for some reason, remove these records from the wp_options:

  • shop_as_client_pro_license_key
  • shop_as_client_pro_activation_key

Then you should be able to insert the new key and activate the plugin again.

Developer hooks

As stated in our policy, the usage of developer hooks is not covered by technical support, yet we provide some usage examples below.

1) Getting custom fields on autocomplete

If you have checkout custom fields and need them to autocomplete, you can use the shop_as_client_pro_customer_data filter: