DPD / SEUR / Geopost Pickup and Lockers network for WooCommerce FAQ


1) How to request technical support?

If the issue you need technical support with is not covered on this page, click the link next to the license key, on the plugin settings, and fill out the ticket with your request.

2) Where do I report security vulnerabilities found in this plugin?

You can report any security bugs found in the source code of this plugin through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

The Patchstack team will assist you with verification, CVE assignment and take care of notifying us.


1) How to transfer the license to another domain?

You should ask for the domain change in your customer area, next to the original order details.

After you get the reply from us stating that the license key is free, you should go to the old website settings, remove the key and save. Then go to the new website settings, insert the same key and save. If you cloned the website, the license key is on the database, and you need to remove it, save, insert it again and save again.

General operation

1) Getting started guide

Install the plugin and go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > DPD Pickup. Insert the provided license code to activate it.

You should create one specific “DPD Pickup” shipping method for each zone, group of countries or country* you want to have the Pickup Point selection available in. This should be a separated method of “Home delivery”, if you intend to provide both services. The creation of the shipping method and rates calculation is out of the scope of this plugin and you can use whatever built-in or 3rd party plugins to create it.

Go back to the plugin settings and activate the checkbox for each of the shipping methods that should show the Pickup Point selection.

You can then set some simple options like the number of points to show, if Lockers should be available or not, if the first point of the list should be pre-selected or not, display the point opening hours, and the description to show your customers for the DPD Pickup enabled shipping methods.

You can also show a map with the location of the Pickup Point if you enter a Mapbox token or Google Maps api key.

You should also set your preferences regarding showing the Pickup Point details on order emails and order details on the “My Account” page, hide the regular/home shipping address on emails and display the details on the order list in backend.

Only for DPD Portugal customers:

If you also have our “DPD Portugal for WooCommerce” plugin, you need to ask your DPD sales manager for two shipping accounts for Pickup delivery in Spain and the rest of Europe. Then go to the “DPD Portugal for WooCommerce” settings and fill those accounts numbers into “Spain: Delivery on the Pickup network” and “Europe: Delivery on the Pickup network”. You should also assign these accounts to the corresponding shipping methods on the “Rules per shipping method” section.

2) Is this a WooCommerce shipping method?

No. You need to use the WooCommerce native shipping methods, or from 3rd party plugins, to calculate shipping costs.

This plugin only allows your customers to chose the DPD Pickup Point where they want the order to be delivered, instead of their homes.

For each destination where you offer the Pickup service, you should create a separate shipping method (besides the regular “home delivery” one) where the Pickup selection will show up, which happens if you assign it on this plugin’s settings “Shipping methods” section. You should make sure that the shipping methods assigned to this plugin are only covering countries where we can show the Pickup Point selection.

3) My customer chose a Pickup Point. Now what?

Now you need to copy the Pickup Point ID (normally made up of two letters and 5 digits) from your WooCommerce order management screen and use it in whatever platform you use to create the DPD parcel labels. That’s out of the scope of this plugin and our support policy.

If you are based in Portugal tho, you can use our “DPD Portugal for WooCommerce” plugin to issue your labels directly in WooCommerce.

4) For which countries can this plugin allow the shop customers to chose the delivery Pickup Point?

This plugin allows your shop customers to chose delivery in DPD (Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland) and SEUR (Spain) Pickup network of partners and Lockers.

Your shop can be based on any country where your local DPD company allows delivery on the Pickup network in any of the above countries, but you need to check with your DPD sales manager the service availability.

If your shop is based in Spain and you’re a customer of SEUR Spain, this plugin will not give you the correct ID for the national Pickup Points, as it shows the international DPD IDs and not the local SEUR ones. You can send from Spain to any other country and from any other country to Spain, but not within Spain. We are trying to fix this with SEUR.