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Get the best from both worlds: Shop as Client now integrates with User Switching

By design, our Shop as Client WooCommerce plugin works by allowing the shop Administrator or Shop manager to insert orders for customers while still being logged in with their user accounts.

This saves hours by allowing shop owners or representatives to use all the frontend-only functionalities to fill the cart and then, at checkout, just search for the existing customer (or create a new one) and assign the order to him. It also allows them to securely request payment by email using or (fake) payment gateway, avoiding having to ask sensitive data, like credit card details, to the customer.

This works really well and has helped hundreds of users of both our Free and the PRO add-on plugins. The “5 out of 5” reviews don’t lie.

But, there’s always a but…

If you’re using role or user-based discounts on your shop, those will not apply to the order, as the logged in user is not the customer, but the shop’s owner or representative. You’ll also not be able to access the user wishlists or whatever other functionality 3rd party plugins might implement based on the logged in user.

Fortunately, the WordPress ecosystem is full of very talented developers, like John Blackbourn & others, who have developed a very simple (yet powerful) plugin that allows WordPress administrators to easily switch to any other user profile and navigate the shop as that user. That plugin is User Switching and is available for free on

We’ve integrated our Shop as Client PRO add-on with User Switching, and while you’re logged in as the customer we will still do our magic in the background allowing you to get the best from both worlds:

  • By switching to the customer profile, you can benefit from any discounts, wishlists, or any other functionality provided by 3rd party plugins based on the logged in user.
  • Our plugin will still record the handler user information to the order, allowing you to keep track of sales per representative, as well as choose the “Request payment by email” gateway and let the customer enter his credit card, log in to his PayPal account, or pay in whatever way he wants after getting the payment link.

WooCommerce block-based Checkout compatible.

To celebrate this new integration, we’re offering you a 25% discount on the Shop as Client POR add-on, until December 31. Just use the UserSwitching coupon on checkout.