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Limit the maximum quantity of a product allowed per WooCommerce order

Have you ever seen those warnings saying something like “LIMIT: 2 PER CUSTOMER” on your local grocery, because they’re running a very low price sale, or the product is available in low quantities and they want every customer to be able to buy? Did you ever want to do that on your WooCommerce shop?

We’ve recently adopted a free plugin on that allows you to do just that: limit the quantity you can add to the cart of each product, and it’s called “Maximum Quantity for WooCommerce Shops”:

You can set the limit in two ways, or combine the settings:

  • Globally, for all the products in your shop;
  • Individually, per product;

Each product’s own limit will always override the global limit.

And that’s pretty much it: a simple and easy way to limit the quantity of each product that can be bought.

This plugin was initially developed by Isabel Castillo and later adopted by us, mainly to add HPOS and Blocks Cart compatibility, which is available since version 2.0

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