Payment Multicaixa (ProxyPay gateway) for WooCommerce PRO add-on

89.00 € per year
Valid for 1 website/domain.

Approx. 78 370 Kz / 94.31 $

This plugin will allow you to generate a payment Reference the customer can then use to pay for his WooCommerce order in Kwanzas, through an ATM or Home Banking service, and get automatic confirmation of payment on your shop.

PRO add-on features:

  • Automatically changes the order status to “Processing” (or “Completed” if the order only contains virtual downloadable products) and notifies both the customer and the store owner, if the Webhook upon payment is activated;
  • Automatic Webhook call can be activated upon request to ProxyPay, via the plugin settings screen;
  • Configuration of reference validity in hours, days, weeks or months;
  • Shop owner can set minimum and maximum order totals for this payment gateway to be available;
  • Payment method can be deactivated if the client doesn’t have an Angolan address;
  • Ability to reduce stock when the order is created or paid;
  • Automatically update the payment reference, and notify the client, if the order total is changed on a backend order modification;
  • Allows searching orders (in the admin area) by Multicaixa Reference;
  • Automatic cancellation of orders with expired references;
  • Integration with ProxyPay’s own SMS system;
  • ProxyPay Sandbox support;

More info:
🗒 Changelog
❓ FAQ (soon)
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To use this PRO add-on you need the free plugin available at the repository.

Include these optional extensions or services (for 1 website):

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