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Shop as Client is (finally) compatible with the WooCommerce blocks checkout

After making the free version compatible a month ago, the Shop as Client for WooCommerce PRO Add-on is now also compatible with the WooCommerce block-based checkout experience.

The best plugin to accept phone, email, or in-place orders and insert them into your WooCommerce shop is now usable by everyone.

Start to type the customer name, email, address, or phone number and pick it from the dropdown to auto-fill all the checkout fields and assign the order to that user. If you can’t find the client, you can just choose to create a new user for that order.

Just like in the classic checkout, if you don’t want to request payment details over the phone or email, you can use the “Request payment by email” built-in payment gateway to send a payment link to the customer, so he can make the payment securely.

If you’re still entering customer orders on WooCommerce on the admin side of your website, you know how painful it is. Start using the frontend today.

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