Simple Custom Fields for WooCommerce Blocks Checkout

Simple Custom Fields for WooCommerce Blocks Checkout

Add custom text, select, and checkbox fields to the new WooCommerce Block-based Checkout.

Built with the new “Additional Checkout Fields” API

Finally, it’s possible to add custom fields to the new blocks checkout on WooCommerce. We’ve been involved, from the beginning, in the discussion about the new experimental API launched in WooCommerce 8.7, and developed this plugin so that you can benefit from it with zero code.

  • Add new text, select or checkbox custom fields to the new WooCommerce Checkout with Blocks
  • Add fields to the “Contact Information” section, “Address” sections, or the new “Additional Information” section
  • Benefit from the initial price of this plugin (while the API is experimental) forever, even when we raise the price (when the API becomes stable)

Easy to set up

Select the section, the field type, enter its label and other options.

No REACT, JavaScript or PHP! No code!

That’s it! A new field on your WooCommerce blocks checkout.

Simple interface

Everything is in one place.

All the sections, all the fields, and all the plugin options.

Perfectly integrated custom fields

Just like the WooCommerce core fields, your custom fields will be perfectly integrated on the blocks checkout.

Your fields will be shown on the order edit screen on the backend, as well as on the order emails for both the customer and the shop owner.

Compatibility, technical support and ongoing development

  • By choosing to buy this plugin you’ll get:
    • Technical support (conditions apply);
    • All the functionalities listed above;
    • Continued development and compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce;
    • Automatic updates;
  • Installation and initial configuration via remote session (optional);
  • High-Performance Order Storage compatible;
  • WooCommerce Block-Based Checkout compatible;
  • Developer friendly;
  • Notes:
    • This is implemented on top of the experimental WooCommerce “Additional Checkout Fields” API for the blocks checkout launched in WooCommerce 8.7;
    • The API is still in the very early stages and we’re following and collaborating on its development regularly;
    • Things can and will change, but we are committed on updating the plugin on each iteration of this API until and after it is considered stable;

Try before you buy it

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These are temporary prices while the WooCommerce “Additional Checkout Fields” API for the new checkout is experimental.

The projected yearly prices, when the API becomes stable, are: Single: 49€ | Dual: 79€ | Business: 149€ | Developer: 249€

Anyone who buys at the initial temporary price will keep that price forever, as long as the license is renewed every year. That’s our way of thanking you for supporting the development of this plugin during the experimental phase of the new API.

Include these optional extensions or services (for 1 website):

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