Taxonomy/Term and Role based Discounts for WooCommerce PRO add-on

Taxonomy/Term and Role based Discounts for WooCommerce

Easily create bulk discount rules for products based on any taxonomy terms (built-in or custom).

Quickly create pricing rules for several products

Instead of going through each product to set a sale price, choose a taxonomy, then a term, the discount rules and all the products will have the discount applied. That easy.

  • Percentage discounts
    • Apply an absolute percentage discount to all the products of a specific taxonomy term, with the possibility to set a minimum quantity on the cart to apply the discounts and aggregate product variations upon that minimum.
  • Buy x get y free (BOGO)
    • Offer y items when x (of the same product) are bought, with the possibility to set the maximum free items if the rule is matched several times because of the quantity on the cart.
  • “Stop – no discount”
    • Make sure products from specific taxonomy terms never have a discount applied, even if there are other rules, with a lower priority, that will apply for other product taxonomy terms.
  • NEW: Exclude on sale
    • Exclude products already on sale from the discount rule.
  • Disable shipping methods
    • Disable shipping methods based on cart items, if you need to make sure products with a specific discount rule applied cannot be shipped via some method, picked up from location, etc
  • Discounts between dates
    • Set both start and end dates, just one of them, or none.
  • Special pricing per user role
    • Offer your best customers exclusive discounts, or set special prices to professionals or resellers.

Easy to set up

There’s a centralised dashboard where all the discount rules, for all taxonomy and terms, can be managed.

Set rules priority to make sure each product gets the right discount if more than one applies because the product also belongs to another taxonomy term.

Easy step-by-step pricing rule configuration

Everything in one place

Existing rules can be edited directly on the rules table and everything is saved via ajax for quicker feedback.

Tweak it to your preferences

Use the built-in private “Discount Tag” custom taxonomy if you don’t want to use Categories, Tags, or any other existing product taxonomy.

Show discount information (percentage, dates, and free text identification) on the product loop and single pages, as mandatory on several legislations, like the Portuguese one, for example.

WPML compatible, allowing different discounts per language.

Technical support and continued development

  • By choosing to buy the PRO add-on you’ll get:
    • Technical support (conditions apply);
    • All the functionalities listed above;
    • Continued development and compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce;
    • Automatic updates;
    • Installation and initial configuration via remote session (optional);
  • High-Performance Order Storage compatible;
  • WPML (with WooCommerce Multilingual) compatible;
  • Developer friendly;
  • This solution consists of two components: the free “Taxonomy/Term and Role based Discounts for WooCommerce” plugin available on, and the PRO add-on available on this website;
  • Check all the features on the free plugin page on before buying the PRO add-on;

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