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Simple WooCommerce Order Approval

Simple WooCommerce Order Approval

The hassle-free solution for WooCommerce order approval before payment.

Quickly create approval rules for your WooCommerce shop orders

Quickly create approval rules for your WooCommerce shop orders based on the customer origin, shipping destination, product categories, single products, or products on backorder.

  • Pre-approve all WooCommerce orders
    • All the shop orders will need to be approved by the shop manager or administrator before being paid for.
    • Use case example: Your shop does not manage stock and you need to check for it before letting the customer pay for the order.
    • Another use case: Accommodation or services booking website where availability always needs to be confirmed before allowing payment.
  • Pre-approve orders based on the customer’s country and/or state
    • Orders in which the billing or shipping country/state is on the approval list will need to be approved.
    • Use case example: Your shop often gets fraudulent orders from certain countries.
  • Pre-approve orders for certain WooCommerce shipping zones
    • Orders belonging to specific WooCommerce shipping zones need to be approved.
    • Use case example: You don’t have a shipping costs table for some destinations and need to request a quote from the shipping company.
  • Pre-approve orders depending on product categories
    • Orders containing products from specific categories need approval.
    • Use case example: You’re selling some products for which you need to confirm legal details with the customer, like weapons, prescription drugs, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Pre-approve WooCommerce orders for some products
    • Orders containing specific products need approval.
    • Use case example: You need to check stock before shipping.
  • Pre-approve orders containing products on backorder
    • Orders containing products on backorder need approval.
    • Use case example: You need to check stock and delivery time with your supplier.
  • Build your own approval rules with a developer filter

Easy to set up

There’s a centralized dashboard where you can set all the pre-approval rules quickly and easily.

Only per product approval needs to be set on each product on the general tab.

You can also set the checkout and order received messages to shop to your customer, indicating this order will need approval before payment.

Keep your customer and yourself up to date with the order status

Two new emails are available after installing the plugin: “Order needs approval” and “Order approved”.

There’s also a specific “Order needs approval” for the store owner, so you can act quickly on new orders needing pre approval.

Simple workflow

This plugin was built after trying other solutions that are just too complicated. We try keep it stupid simple. After you set up the approval rules, the workflow is as simple as possible:

  • After checkout, if the order needs approval, it is set to the “Needs approval” custom status and both the customer and the shop administrator are notified via email.
  • The shop manager or administrator checks the order and approves it by changing it to the “Approved” status. The customer gets an email informing the order can now be paid, including a link to choose the payment method.
  • After payment, the regular WooCommerce workflow resumes.

Compatibility, technical support, and continued development

  • By buying this plugin you’ll get:
    • Technical support (conditions apply);
    • All the functionalities listed above;
    • Continued development and compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce;
    • Automatic updates;
  • Installation and initial configuration via remote session (optional);
  • High-Performance Order Storage compatible;
  • WPML (with WooCommerce Multilingual) compatible;
  • Developer friendly:
    • Customise the “needs approval” checkout and order receive message;

What our customers say

Great plugin that works exactly as expected. Simple to use and set up, and with great support when needed. No bloat. It just works.

João Lúcio, owner at

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