DPD / SEUR / Geopost Pickup and Lockers network for WooCommerce

DPD / SEUR / Geopost Pickup and Lockers network for WooCommerce

Deliver your WooCommerce orders on the DPD and SEUR Pickup network of Parcelshops and Lockers.

Allow your customers to pick up their parcels at the most convenient location

The DPD and SEUR Pickup network of partners and Lockers has thousands of spots that your customers can choose from. Currently, 21 European countries are supported.

  • Customers can choose the Pickup Point or Locker at the WooCommerce Checkout
  • Ship from any country to Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland
  • Pickup Point information on the backend and customer order emails
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce shipping method
  • Integration with the “DPD Portugal para WooCommerce” labels issuing plugin (for DPD Portugal business customers only)

Easy to set up

Select which shipping methods should show the Pickup Point selection on the Checkout.

Define how many closest points should be listed and if Lockers should be included, or not.

Use Mapbox or Google Maps to display the point location on the map.

Simple customer interface

The plugin will automatically show the Pickup Point / Locker selection when the customer chooses a shipping method that is tied to it.

The list of points is automatically fetched from the Geopost group API based on the customer’s billing or shipping address postcode.

If the destination country is Spain, the brand shown is SEUR instead of DPD.

Pickup Point ID ready to use

The unique point identification is shown on the order management screen, and all you need to do is copy/paste it to your parcel label issuing software or website.

If you’re a customer of DPD Portugal, and have our “DPD Portugal for WooCommerce” plugin, the integration is automatic and when you issue the label on WooCommerce, the Pickup Point will be pre-selected.

Compatibility, technical support and ongoing development

  • By choosing to buy this plugin you’ll get:
    • Technical support (conditions apply);
    • All the functionalities listed above;
    • Continued development and compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce;
    • Automatic updates;
  • Installation and initial configuration via remote session (optional);
  • High-Performance Order Storage compatible;
  • WPML (with WooCommerce Multilingual) compatible;
  • Not yet compatible with the new WooCommerce Block-Based Checkout;
  • Compatible with most shipping methods, including specific compatibility with:
  • Developer friendly;
  • Notes:
    • This is not a shipping method and does not allow shipping costs to be calculated, which must be done using WooCommerce’s native methods or others provided by third-party plugins;
    • We cannot guarantee compatibility with 3rd party checkout customisation plugins;
    • Not being an official plugin from DPD, the development is done with the support of the DPD Portugal IT team. The DPD logo and brand are protected by copyright and belong to that company;

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Or as low as 15 € + VAT if you’re a customer of DPD Portugal and buy it alongside with DPD Portugal for WooCommerce (special launch deal)


  • If your shop is based in Spain and you’re a customer of SEUR Spain, this plugin will not give you the correct ID for the national Pickup Points, as it shows the international DPD IDs and not the local SEUR ones. You can send from Spain to any other country and from any other country to Spain, but not within Spain. We are trying to fix this with SEUR.
  • You need to have the SOAP package active on PHP.

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